How does the referral system work?

Referral system works on the principle of collecting clicks on your unique link, and when you gather a certain number of points, make an order, choose to pay with points, and then pay server with the points for a month.

1€ = 100 points?

If you earn 100 points, you can count as € 1, and use that money to our services. For example, if you want a premium cw from € 4, you need to collect 400 points.

TOP 100

In the top 100 category are users with the most points,and those who aren't there can see the number of points on their profiles.

What is my referral link?

Your referral link can be found and copied on profile (under the avatar) or from headers (upper left corner)

Referral points can be used for?

Referral points can be used for any of our services, depending on how many points / money you have.

What are unique clicks?

Unique click is a click that is recorded with a unique IP. Easier: Every Internet user has an IP address that is unique, and from that IP your refferal link can be clicked only once, where the click will be counted as one point.


Your referral link -> Share with friends -> A sufficient number of points -> Service

What are you waiting for?

Start shareing your referral link!